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‘Appointed by Fate’ releases September 30th. Treat yourself now while it’s#halfprice

One of Iowa’s most prominent criminal attorneys, Joci Dorous is ruthless and devoid of emotion in the courtroom. It’s what makes her the best. Her most recent client allegedly committed murder and, despite a rocky start, Joci is determined to win Cameron Shearer’s case.

Since this is her first homicide, she has the support of a second-chair attorney—her ex who wants her back. To make things more complicated, her hunky cop of a booty call, Cameron’s arresting officer, isn’t quite ready to let her go either. Who knew being surrounded by three hot guys could be so deliciously exhausting?

As the mystery of the case unravels, she soon discovers the true reason behind Cameron’s impromptu visit to Iowa. It’s this knowledge that endangers all those she holds dear. Caught up in confusion, chaos, and criminal law, how will her heart survive the final verdict?

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*****5 Star Review*****

Proud mommy moment right here. Timberline got its first 5 star review! If you didn’t already know, I love 4 & 5 star reviews. They make me tingly all over, so if you loved or even liked the book, please review it on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Reviews are an authors best friend. Thank you for your support 😉 Don’t have your copy yet? Here’s the link:

on June 26, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

Timberline Release Day!

It’s release daaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! I’ll keep it short, sweet and to the point. Timberline is available on in the e-book version 😀

Also, Timberline is ready to roll straight off Barnes and Noble if you’re more of a Nook person. Very exciting right there!

The paperback will be up hopefully by the end of May, but I’ll post when I have a firm date from my publisher.

Here are the links, I hope you enjoy.

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Donuts, Diamonds and Assorted Details. Available October 5, 2015 on

Gwen Smidt dreams of leaving Iowa for sunny Florida…but her dream is derailed by Devon Smith, a dashing criminal attorney. While investigating the murder of her friend, Gwen discovers the truth about why Devon was transplanted into her life.

Jeremy Schroeder is a hopeless romantic who never gives up on the possibility of Gwen. He is willing to do anything, pull any tricks, to convince her they are meant to be.

In a moment of sheer insanity, Gwen and Jeremy find themselves naked between the sheets. Their rendezvous now holds their friendship hostage, and while Jeremy wants more than friendship, Gwen is reluctant to give up on the notion of a perfect man.

Throughout the inevitable longing between Gwen  and Jeremy, the reality Gwen believes in is a life. Now, when reality comes crashing back down, Gwen must choose between choosing a man she loves and the man she wants to love…