Here’s the thing

I survived a vacation in the Rockies. No bear attacks or anything. Believe me, it was difficult at times since I was with my family pretty much non-stop. I am adjusting back into normal life in Iowa. It sucks. I hate it. Let’s just stay on vacation forever. Yeah, that’d be great! As I haven’t won the lottery, that’s not happening. For now. It’s been muggy as hell here, thanks for that, corn. But alas, a rainbow still shines over the Des Moines metro. I feel like someone should be singing a campfire song right about now. Anyone? No one? Ok, back to business.

Today, I finished my latest story. At the moment, the title is “The Editor’s Barista”. We shall see if it stays. I gave a little run down of the plot and characters in last month’s post, so feel free to catch yourself up. After hitting that last key stroke, I began to wonder the future for my story baby. Yes, I still have to take my machete to it and edit, but after that, I want it to blossom into greatness. Here’s a little hint, it takes a publisher and/or an agent for that to happen. How am I doing on those, you may ask. Super. Just fantastic. She says while sarcasm literally drips from her forced smile. It’s difficult to get started when your feet are weighed down by reality. I hate reality. It should leave for vacation and never return.

Like many other writers, I have a daytime job. Sadly no, I am not a superhero who rips off her clothing to save the day with the written word. That’d be pretty epic, though. I’ll look into that. As I watched my newest Netflix binge show “Melissa & Joey”, I was disturbed when Mel tells Joe to “Go date a paralegal” since the normal girls he dates are bimbos and he needs to start from the bottom of the business sector. If you didn’t already know, that is the job title that currently pays my bills. I wasn’t really sure how to take that directive. Is it a bash on fellow para’s because we’re not attorneys or is it implying that we’re merely stepping stones to someone better? Needless to say, I wasn’t thrilled with my job being thrown under the bus. Although, if Joey Lawrence was in my dating pool, I would not turn him down.

The episode last night got me thinking about my career. Yes, I’m thankful to have  a job and all that, but is it my dream job? No. Listening to people complain all day and being a babysitter and bitch to 3+ attorneys is definitely not my idea of a ‘dream job’. Naturally, my dream job is renting a little office in the hub of Des Moines and write while overlooking the skyline. Pool access would be a plus and a coffee shop nearby. Oh, and locks. Let’s not forget multiple locks. Not because it’s dangerous, ok some parts of DM are but that’s a different story, but because I’m so sick of interruptions. I literally do not get any ‘me’ time. If I’m writing at home, I have pets and family members constantly jumping into my imagination. It’s weird how that works. And at work, cough cough I don’t write at work, there’s a slew of distractions every minute of every hour. So yes, I want a peaceful little office space with quiet neighbors, preferably mega hot guys who lost their shirts in a dreadful fire. I like some distractions. Really, maybe just an office in a suite so I can have a little company, but then bar my door when I’m done. I would need like one or two funny people. Surprisingly, I’m not this witty on my own. Shocking, I know.

We can’t all be famous writers. Just like in Congress, I think some of the older authors should step down when they reach retirement age so the younger group can move in. And no, I’m never ever EVER talking politics on here. Just no. But really, if maybe a few fans wanted to hop off of the bandwagon of the famous authors and check out us small, budding writers, they wouldn’t be disappointed. Just because we’re not on billboards or commercials doesn’t mean we’re a lost cause. I can’t believe that. Not when my life orbits fantasy island on a daily basis.

So, here’s the thing, taking a chance at your dream job is scary as hell. Putting yourself out there for the entire world to ridicule and ignore is pants-wetting scary. I don’t want to be super famous and be on a first name basis with Prince Harry. Ok, who am I kidding, of course I do! It’s called a ‘dream’ job because that’s what it is for most people. Thankfully, I get to fly around in my dream every time I pick up a pen or type on my laptop. Don’t let the fear of falling hinder your flight. I don’t know who said that, but I’m sure someone famous did, so don’t think I’m plagiarizing because that’s happened a lot lately.

Keep that dream job in sight. I know I do every single day.


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