Je suis prest

Hey all 🙂 Miss me? So, I’m back as promised after a short hiatus. NaNoWriMo went well. I completed my novel within the 30 day period and received that awesome blank certificate. My wrist cramped up only a bazillion times and my neck is permanently kinked, but it was worth it. Anyways, I suggest that every aspiring writer participates in this friendly competition each November. Not only did I write a new story, but I also found some fabulous writing buddies along the way. Facebook groups are awesome in case you didn’t know. Once I do a few months of editing, I’ll send the novel out to publishers.

Je suis prest. In case you aren’t sure what that is from, prepare yourself for fandom. But seriously, it is Gaelic for “I am ready”….from Outlander…only the best Starz show in the entire existence of the channel. I could go on for hours about this show, and perhaps one of these times I will blow your kilts off in a post.

For now, I am exhilarated by this Fraser clan motto because I am ready. Ready for the new year; ready for the 3rd season of Outlander where Sam Heughan is scrumptiously Jamie Fraser (sorry, couldn’t help it); and most importantly, ready for a new book to be PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!

Yep, you read that right. Hartwood Publishing snatched up one of my stories. (Insert dance party) I’ll give you a hint: it was written about a special place in Colorado. I am beyond ecstatic about receiving a contract and on my birthday no less! The tentative release date is April 2017. Lots of editing and such to happen before then, so I’ll keep you updated.

As the year closes out in brilliant fashion, my heart is bursting with excitement for 2017. Obviously, I’m horrible at resolutions, so I won’t even use that curse word, but hard work is the goal. I strive to write more; stress less; and dream until I fly.

Je suis prest, mo chridhe.


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