2017 is THE year

It’s officially a new year. Congrats, if you are just realizing this 😉 2017 has been interesting so far. At present, I’m at work, watching rain splatter in a nearly empty parking lot. It’s MLKJ day, but I’m at the office. Dreary is putting it lightly since the Court is closed and that means reviewing open cases. Boooriiiing. I was going to work on my re-write, but of course, I forgot the notebook at home. Ugh. Cue hitting head on desk until an alternative idea pops into my brain.

Update on my soon to be published novel: First round of edits are complete. They were brutal. Dear Lord, I use words that end in “ly” and the word “that” a lot. If you couldn’t tell…..review my posts 😛 But yeah, now the editor has the ‘script and I’m anxiously awaiting the next round. I’m both excited yet nervous as the impending April release date approaches. I’m sure it’s the same for other authors out there. 2017 has produced one short story. Currently, it’s unfinished, but I’ll get there.

Right now, I’m torn between wanting to edit and troll the internet. Pretty sure the trolling will win out, but my heart won’t be in it. Ever have those days? You know, you should be working on a story, yet you don’t want to and your brain desperately pulls you toward the story. It’s some subconscious yearning that drives me batty when I don’t put pen to paper. Having unfinished stories or unedited ones gives me panic attacks, but small ones that lay beneath the surface, constantly calling my name.

It’s torture, really. Writing, that is. Fascinating, compelling, thirst-quenching torture. Ah, a writer’s life is the only one for me. It hits me any time of the day, the need to write. I’ll be putting on makeup when a random quote comes to me. Granted, they’re not all gold, but I still have to write them. I need to get them out of me otherwise they play on a continuous loop until I do. If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, please do. I tend to post those random snippets on there for your amusement or heartbreak, whichever hits you.

The Dallas Cowboys lost last night. Yep, I’m a lifelong fan if you didn’t already know. And before you start to judge me, just remember, I really don’t care. I’m a fan, NOT an encyclopedia of the sport, so BOOM. Anyways, the ‘Boys aren’t going to the Superbowl this year. 🙁 Next year, next year.

Back to writing, I think it would be useful at times if I had someone slap my hand every time I got distracted when I’m supposed to be editing. No doubt, my hands would be quite red by the end of the day, but such is life. Distractions are everywhere! Especially, when I’m at my day job….hehe. Yeah, I’m on ‘break’ when I write. Duh.

My goal for 2017 is to make enough money from my books that I can afford a trip to Scotland. Hint: I’m OBSESSED with the place and not just because of Outlander. I was enthralled with the country way back in high school. There is just something about mysterious mountains and untold stories of the Highlands that gets my blood pumping. When I visit, I am 100% sure I’ll never want to leave. And why would I? The place is full of stories waiting for me to pen. It’s a public service if I live there part of the year. I mean, it’s for my fans 😉 That goal may seem a bit pretentious, but hey, might as well dream big. Am I right?

All right, I’ll go back to ‘work’ now. And by ‘work’, I mean flipping through my current stories in need of revisions and playing eenie meenie miney mo until I pick one.

Stay safe out there if you’re driving. And if you have the day off, skate around the block for me 🙂


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