Double Trouble

It’s finally March in Iowa. So far, the month has graced us with 76 degrees and tornado warnings and snow in the same week. Yep, sounds about right.

Since the last time we spoke, my alter ego has secured a publisher. (I’ll post the info later on.) Pop the champagne and sprinkle the confetti!!!! Wahooooooooo!

Now that the celebration is over, it’s time to get down to business. Having two publishers is a thrill and a bit scary. My book with Hartwood Publishing is set to debut in April 2017. Holy crap, that’s in a month 😮 Time flies when you’re having fun. Anyways, since going through the editing process (ugh), I came up with the sequel novel in this series. It will be epic…just like the first 😉

On the other hand, my sister pseudonym also has a new title with Crooked Cat Publishing set to debut in October/November 2017. I am very excited to get that story up and running, though I cringe when I think about professional edits. I’m certain this one will have plenty to go around. A few nights ago, my brain wouldn’t shut off in regards to the sequel to this story. So, like a good writer, I got up and wrote until my vision blurred.

Alas, the double trouble begins. Two authors, two publishers, two fantastic stories AND two sequels on the cusp of my fingers. Now if only I could get them moving. Having a bit of writer’s block….or should I say procrastination? Yeah, we’ll go with that one. Sounds better, I think.

Of course, I am ecstatic beyond measure that two of my stories will soon be on shelves for my readers to dive into! #Blessed 😉

For now, I’ll leave you with thoughts of springtime!


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