Book Reviews

Review Policy:
I want to get the word out about new and existing Indie Authors and share my love of books.

Genres accepted (fiction only):

Romance (F/M or F/M/M)(sub genres welcome)
Chick Lit

If you’re an author interested in a book review, please email me directly (skyesthelimitmcneil@ with your blurb, book cover, author bio, and purchase links. If I do not respond to an ARC request, it means I’m currently unavailable for reviews or the book wasn’t of interest. My goal is to provide honest reviews on the books I read. Reviews are placed on my blog, shared on Facebook and Twitter, Amazon, and Goodreads. I won’t share any ARCs or books given to me by authors for review. Books/ARCs will not be shared and will be deleted following the review.

I attempt to give thorough reviews, but they are not always guaranteed. If my review is 1-2 stars, I will not post it to my blog, but will post on Amazon and Goodreads.